Automatic Optical Inspection System

  • Easy to program and fine tune
  • Excellent resolution
  • Serial number and bar code input
  • Inspection logging facility with image storage for ultimate traceability
  • Bare board cross check option
  • Board alignment
  • Fiducially and panel optimisation function
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High performance hot air Reflow soldering systems

Selection of machines available with 6,8,10 and twelve vertical heating zones
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and repeatability
  • Instant response to high thermal load
  • Lowest Delta T across the PCB
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Leading industry proven wave soldering machine

  • Positive spring clamp finger conveyor
  • IR and convection preheating system
  • Intelligent spray fluxer
  • Chip wave and delta wave
  • Ease of access for maintenance
  • Lead free solder pot with 5 year warranty
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Fully Automatic Screen Printing Systems to meet every application.

Fine pitch, Long Printing capability automatic 2 D inspection system.
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability – Calibration technology
  • User friendly high performance systems to suit all requirements
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In line modular Selective Soldering system

In line modular Selective Soldering system

  • Seperate fluxing
  • preheating and soldering sectors
  • micro jet fluxer
  • convection preheating before and during soldering process
  • electromagnetic pumping system with excellent repeatability
  • High precision teaching and process viewing camera on board
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second user equipment

Second User Equipment

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Optimum Solder Recovery system – SS12M

  • Designed to efficiently separate solder from solder dross
  • Regulated heated chamber
  • High-speed rotor reclaiming up to 80% of the solder
  • All stainless-steel construction with 10kg capacity tank
  • Small, light and very easily portable
  • Return on Investment can be achieved in as little as 12 months
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